The Rise of machines in our industry

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is slowly becoming the natural order of the capital markets. According to a circular found on the NSE website, about 60-70% of the total trading volume comes from algorithms or computers. First, let us understand the difference between Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading and later see how they differ from discretionary trading(manual trading).

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Why indicators don’t reveal everything?

Trading Indicators

As much success that traders have had using the methods of technical analysis and indicators to drive their decisions, but the indicators are still viewed as just numbers, the assumptions that were used in the mathematics behind it and the real significance behind those numbers are all still in the dark and people use them without knowing their utility, nuances and most of the pitfalls.

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Covid's attack on minds & the people's stupid solace.

Uncertainty of Life

For the first time since this pandemic, I have encountered clients withdrawing investments for medical emergencies, before this, they used to do this scared by drawdowns.
Here, some of the nearest crematories has got a queue of dead bodies. In the south, there were 3 death’s in our relative’s family within 4 days due to Covid19.

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Quick-School on Market Microstructure

Internal Structure

In this article, we will try and explain how all major financial markets in the world function and why it is important to understand how they function for you to exploit them and make money from them. Before we start I would like to clarify that this article is written for novices and the concepts explained are simplified for the reader to understand and so the logic is not airtight.

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